"Being in a relationship ends in one of two ways; breaking up or death. When you think about it like that, love really is doomed from the beginning yet we continue to nearly kill ourselves anyway just to taste it."
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Happy Wedding Wednesday on this beautiful crisp fall day from the northeast.

I compiled some beautiful images for a gorgeous autumn wedding. Besides the stunning colors all the fall decor provides, I love the little details like the smores favors the leaf escort cards.

The brides veil has to be one of my faves!!! Its very rustic and chic all in one and matches perfectly with the season.

Happy Planning!



I want a fall wedding ๐Ÿ‘

That is a gorgeous wedding. I’ve seen a lot of different wedding ideas, happens when you hang out in a florist shop for hours, and this one is amazing. I can see the attention to detail, the planning, and the execution is ย perfect.ย 

I’d tell them I want this if I ever get married, but, it may make them cry a little bit with how much detail involved. I know they’d do it, they’d kill me if I went anywhere else.ย 

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After being unemployed for 2 months I have managed to find two jobs. Transition jobs while I figure myself out because for once, I’m putting my own self before anyone else. It’s a comforting feeling to know that I am doing what is right for me.ย 

I know I can do this. It may be hard but I know that I can do this.ย 



Dear past self,

When u cut off ur hair mom wont be that mad and you dont have to run away.

Ben (thatโ€™s you)

Almost fucking cried. Jfc.